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Dark Wizard Stand and Wands

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The Dark Mark is the rallying symbol of the Death Eaters, the very symbol of allegiance to Lord Voldemort, which appears on the forearm of his followers. This magical tattoo represents a skull with a serpent emerging from its mouth. When the Dark Lord touches the Mark of one of his Death Eaters, it comes to life and summons all his loyal followers to Apparate to him.

The Dark Mark wand display includes 5 wands:

  • Voldemort's Wand
  • Death Eater Skull Wand
  • Thorn Death Eater's Wand
  • Serpent Death Eater's Wand
  • Death Eater's Wand Mark of Darkness

Complete your collection of Harry Potter items with all the splendor and terror inspired by the Dark Mark!


Dimensions: 43 cm high by 18 cm wide

Composition: Resin

Officially licensed Harry Potter product

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