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The owl family

The owl possesses exceptional nocturnal vision, allowing it to see clearly in the darkness. Therefore, it isn't afraid of the dark and can guide you when you fear the darkness at night. While you sleep, it will watch over you, ensuring your safety.

It can also swiftly and accurately transport letters or messages. It is the guardian of secret messages; it will never reveal the messages it carries.

Another lesser-known superpower of the owl is its ability to detect the presence of magic nearby.

Power: Dream Messenger


This magnificent owl is a specialist in long-distance flights, so its messages can travel far. It will carry them for you, wherever you wish, while you sleep, through your dreams. During the night, it will bring beautiful images and lovely thoughts for peaceful nights, both for you and for those to whom you send your messages. It's the perfect companion for magical dreams and wonderful nights.

Power: Keeper of Secrets


Great owl of the forests of America, with its keen sight and perfect hearing. Nothing escapes it, as it sees and hears everything for you. Its reassuring presence makes it the perfect companion to listen to all your secrets. With Darius, your confidences will remain safe forever. He is the guardian of the secrets and wisdom of the owl family.

Power: Magical Comfort


Dear Harold, he's the distant cousin of a certain Errol who belongs to a well-known family of wizards, the Weasleys. Fortunately, our Harold isn't as clumsy as Errol, but he has his funny side. If you need a smile, a laugh, or if you're feeling lonely, he'll be the perfect companion for you. His cheerful presence and sense of humor will bring a touch of lightness to your life. Let Harold surround you with his good spirits and also comfort you in your moments of solitude.

Power: Nordic Magic

Déjà adopté


Coming straight from the northern lands, he is the cousin of the world's most famous owl, the beautiful Hedwig™. Snow is more than just a companion: he is gentle, kind, and incredibly magical. Keep him close, and you'll feel safe. His comforting presence and enchanted aura will bring a lot of magic to your everyday life.

Power: Loyal Friend


Loyal and possessing the power of friendship, he will help you brave life's challenges, and you will never be alone to face them.

Power: Magical Adventurer


Mischievous and courageous, this little baby owl is ready to accompany you on your own magical adventures.

Power: Brilliant Intelligence


Curious and intelligent, she's perfect to assist you on your academic journey. She'll help you focus and build confidence in facing school.

The family of cats

Magical cats have the ability to transform into different forms, allowing them to blend into their environment.

They can detect spells, enchantments, and magical objects nearby.

They possess a special healing power, capable of alleviating minor ailments and injuries through simple contact with their fur.

Power: Enchanted Calming


Being the calmest cat in the magical world, she possesses a natural soothing power. Nothing disturbs her, so if you're feeling anxious and need to calm down, Mystic will be the perfect match for a more zen and serene life. Her tranquil presence will envelop you in a soothing and loving energy.

Power: Luminous Transformation


White as the moon, Luna has the gift of transforming negative (dark) moods into positive moods filled with white light. Just by petting her, you'll feel much better. Her gentleness and energy will bring rays of light into your life, especially in tougher times.

Power: Courage and Strength


Jade is blessed with a protective aura that envelops all those around her. If you need courage, she holds within her the powerful energy of a lioness and can transmit that courage to you just by touching her. Let Jade be your ally and let her strength guide you towards self-confidence.

Power: Protective Invisibility


He's the most popular cat in the wizarding world, all thanks to his black color! He has the ability to become invisible in the darkness. His magical gifts are incredibly powerful; he can amplify his owner's magic. With him, you'll feel safe, especially in the dark. Keep him close to you in bed and let his presence surround you with his protective magic.

Power: Supernatural Creativity and Self-Acceptance

Déjà adoptée


With her shimmering fur, Opal inspires creativity and awakens your artistic spirit. She can infuse you with new ideas and invite you to explore imaginary worlds filled with magic. Opal is unique among other cats, and she's proud of it. If at times you feel different, she'll help you accept yourself just as you are and feel good about simply being yourself.

Pouvoir: rêves lumineux


Simba est un petit chaton aux pattes dorées très câlin, il possède le don de réchauffer doucement tes nuits de sa chaleur réconfortante, pour envelopper tes rêves de lumière et de réconfort. Sa magie est encore en développement, mais elle grandira avec le temps, apportant toujours plus de douceur à tes nuits.

Power: Gentle and Soothing Nights


Grey-black kitten, very kind, with the power to create small magical sparks that dance around you at night. It's especially when you feel sad or lonely that his power will be activated. His magic is still developing, but it will improve over time, making your nights gentle and soothing.

Power: Transmutation of Nightmares into Magical Dreams


Red-haired kitten with a highly developed artistic side. She has the power to create artistic magical sparks that transform your nightmares into magnificent dreams. Her magic is still developing, but it will improve over time. Your dreams will be wonderful and filled with fantastic colors.

Power: Funny Dreams and Magical Adventures


Playful, grey-striped kitten. He has the power to create cheerful magical sparks that light up your nights. His magic is still developing, but it will improve over time. Your dreams will be fun and full of magical adventures.

Power: Enchanting Nights

déjà adoptée


Small, gentle white kitten, she has the gift of creating little magical sparks while you sleep, to brighten your dreams and make them magical. Her magic is still developing, but it will improve over time, adding more enchantment to your nights.

The dragon family

Dragons, powerful and fearsome creatures. They have a bad reputation due to their temperament; however, they are magical beings capable of developing deep bonds with their wizard or witch companions. They watch over their treasure and fiercely protect it throughout their incredibly long lives. So, if their treasure happens to be their wizard or witch, that individual will benefit greatly. Who dreams of being protected by a DRAGON!?

The twins Flim and Flamme

These dragon twins share a unique bond and are excellent partners in magical adventures. They are the best playmates in the magical world.

Power: Mischievous Magic


Playful and loves pulling pranks. If you lose items in the house, he's likely the culprit. Ask him to retrieve those lost items and they'll reappear magically, but certainly not where you left them! He's a great companion to keep your spirits high!

Power: Creative Imagination


The wiser of the two, he's a talented inventor who loves creating magical objects. If, like him, you're creative, he'll magically help you come up with ideas for fantastic crafts or inventions. Let him be part of your moments of creativity; you'll have a lot of fun together.

Power: Protective Wisdom


This majestic silver dragon is known for its wisdom and great magical knowledge. Like a dragonesque Dumbledore™, it can guide you in your choices and offer wise and enlightened advice. Its magical power lies in a deep understanding of the mysteries of life and magic. With Oslo by your side, you'll magically feel protected and safe at all times.

Power: Dual Magic


It's often said that two heads are better than one. Hydra, our charming little two-headed dragoness, is a unique and fascinating creature. Each head has its own personality and magical powers. Together, they form a superb team capable of tackling the greatest challenges. With Hydra by your side, no obstacle will be too big to overcome because don't forget, she possesses double the magic. She'll always be there to help you achieve the impossible.

Power: Emerging Strength


Our adorable baby dragon, despite being young, overflows with wisdom and magic. He's in the midst of learning to become a great and powerful dragon. He simply seeks companionship and guidance in this wonderful adventure. Will you be the right person to take care of him and help him become a superb dragon?

The Universals

Our Special Magikanimal

The Universals form a unique magical family, united by a mystical essence that transcends borders. Their inclusive magic beckons to all wizards and witches worldwide. Their existence is dedicated to supporting those who feel different, offering their magical presence to all who need full acceptance. These creatures are beings of purity, devoid of judgment, ready to share their love and magic with those who believe in them.

Power: Universal Wishes


Lili the unicorn is a little trickster. She can grant certain wishes if you whisper them in her ear. Being just a baby, her magic isn't at its peak yet, but she'll do everything to bring you joy, love, and happiness.

Power: Universal Love


Ralph is a charming field rat, a longtime companion to wizards and witches. He's an incredibly smart and agile creature, capable of sneaking into any place he wishes, making him a pro at playing hide and seek. He might not be the most beloved magical creature because some don't appreciate the look of his tail. That doesn't bother him at all; he fully accepts himself as he is. One of his magical superpowers is that he loves everyone just as they are. If you need a loyal friend who will love you unconditionally, he'll be perfect for you!

Power: Universal Magical Language


Cyril is an extraordinary magical serpent, both loyal and benevolent. He has the gift of understanding all magical and ancient languages. With Cyril, you can have unique and fascinating conversations. He's a precious confidant because he'll keep everything you share with him, knowing that no one else but you can understand.

Pouvoir: protection et métamorphose universel


Sirius, le loup noir vénéré pour sa présence protectrice. Lorsque la lune se lève dans toute sa splendeur, sa magie s'intensifie, enveloppant ceux qui l'entourent d'un bouclier invincible de sécurité. Mais sa magie va bien au-delà. Sous le voile de la nuit, Sirius se métamorphose à volonté, prenant la forme de ce dont son propriétaire a le plus besoin. Qu'il s'agisse d'un majestueux dragon crachant des flammes d'espoir, d'une douce licorne offrant réconfort et guérison, ou même d’un hibou messager. Sirius se fond dans la forme qui répond le mieux aux besoins de celui qu'il protège. Il incarne ainsi l'essence même de la magie, offrant à ceux qui le choisissent un compagnon dont la présence est à la fois réconfortante et infiniment puissante.