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Witch from mother to daughter, the beautiful Ange-Élie is still in apprentice mode, but she has still left a lot of her magic in the shop. Come and discover our enchanted products!

Our mission

Witch and Magic's mission is to awaken your inner magic in a unique universe totally dedicated to the world of witchcraft.

Designed to satisfy all age groups, this shop will provide you with a fantastic experience in a magical environment.

Maggie Leroux


Let me tell you the origin of my project, which took root at the beginning of the pandemic, when I was reflecting on my future.

I watched a documentary that deeply impacted me; its title was 'Follow your Bliss.' A Bliss is like a dream, THE DREAM! It nourishes our vital energy, vibrating in every fiber of our being. I grabbed my notebook where I wrote down my Bliss in capital letters: HARRY POTTER™.

Great! I found it, but what was I going to do with that? I began researching shops known as "fan shops" where the main theme revolves around a single subject, in this case: Harry Potter™.

It's highly popular in Europe, but there's nothing like it here.

Definitely, something powerful had awakened within me, and now I had to figure out how to achieve this wild dream from scratch. I'll spare you all the details; the calls I had to make, the research about certain laws, the contacts to find. I needed to ensure my idea was viable and that my project respected the brand requirements and copyright belonging to Warner Bros™.

In conclusion, I can assure you that after a year of hard work, engaging with exceptional people, whether from my city or boutique owners in Europe, even involving Warner Bros™ lawyers, I finally got the green light to make my dream a reality.

To open for all of us, fans of the saga, the very first store in Quebec exclusively selling officially licensed Harry Potter™ products!

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