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By Witch and Magic



Inspired by the Harry Potter ™️ universe

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Magikanimal pet store, a unique experience that opens the doors to magic at the heart of the Witch and Magic shop. Although these magical creatures are not available for online purchase at the moment, they are ready to make your visit to our store in Drummondville a wonderful and fantastical experience.

Each of these magical beings, whether they are babies from our nursery discovering their powers or powerful adults, has unique characteristics, a name, and a special magical power. Magikanimals are not just ordinary plush toys; they are enchanted companions ready to share their magic with you.

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Steps for Adopting Magikanimals

Think you're ready to adopt a Magikanimal? Let's first explore the crucial steps that await you. Each one is infused with magic and holds special significance. From choosing your Magikanimal to the official signing of the adoption certificate and the ritual to unleash its magic, each step is an essential part of this adventure, aiming to create a magical bond that will accompany you forever.

Step 1:

Choose Your Magikanimal

In the world of Harry Potter™, it's the wand that chooses the wizard, but in the realm of Magikanimals, it's the wizard or witch who chooses their animal based on what they feel in its presence.

Whether it's the connection to the family it belongs to, its unique characteristics, or its magical powers, the Magikanimal speaks directly to your soul, to your inner magic. You'll know it instantly, as there is a true resonance between you and your Magikanimal.

Step 2:

Officially Seal Your Magical Bond

Each adoption certificate is a magical contract that binds you to your Magikanimal for life. It seals your friendship for eternity. It is the tangible proof of that sacred moment of your first encounter.

Step 3:

Unleashing Enchanted Powers

Dream Powder, harvested directly from the realm of fairies! It holds incredible power, unleashing the latent magic of your Magikanimal that was previously dormant. A touch of this powder is enough to awaken its full potential.

The Magikanimals were born from two influences, including Harry Potter ™️:


Maggie, the witch behind their creation, firmly believes in magic, its benefits, and the magical bond that unites plush toys with their owner.


In the world of Harry Potter™, prospective students of Hogwarts™ must visit Diagon Alley™ to obtain their school supplies. Among the required items are a wand, a pewter cauldron, AND an animal to adopt from the following categories: cat, toad, or owl. Inspired by this, she came up with the innovative idea of offering a wide variety of adoptable animals at Witch and Magic. This initiative is based on a completely novel concept, complete with an adoption certificate and a magical ceremony designed to enhance the overall experience.

Maggie's Word

Witch in Chief's Message

I firmly believe in magic, in its benefits, and above all, in the magical connection that binds my plush toys to their owner. This belief stems from my personal experience with magical plush toys from my childhood. Who hasn't had a special bond with a particular plush toy when they were little?

Since the launch of this magical project, I have gathered a multitude of touching testimonials that confirm the magic is real. Children rediscovering peaceful nights, people feeling less anxious, and even brighter days: Magikanimals fully fulfill their mission.

Looking forward to sharing the magic of Magikanimals and Witch and Magic with you.

Signed, Maggie, your Prime Minister of Magizoology.